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The Australian Internet space is tightly regulated - only businesses and organizations with an Australian address and presence are allowed to register .ORG.AU domains, and those domains must match the name of the business/organization on whose behalf they are registered, or be very close.

The is for non-commercial organizations. The following rules are applicable:

  • 1. To be eligible in the, registrants must be:
    • a) An association incorporated in any Australian State or Territory; or
    • b) A political party registered with the Australian Electoral Commission; or
    • c) A trade union or other organisation registered under the Workplace Relations Act 1996; or
    • d) A sporting or special interest club operating in Australia; or
    • e) a charity operating in Australia, as defined in the registrant's constitution or other documents of incorporation; or
    • f) a non-profit organisation operating in Australia, as defined in the registrant’s constitution or other documents of incorporation.
  • 2. Domain names in the must:
    • a) exactly match, acronym or abbreviation of the name of the registrant’s company or trading name, organization or association name or trademark; or
    • b) be otherwise closely and substantially connected to the registrant.

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